Taking Stock


LOVING~ That it is staying light out a bit later everyday.

ADMIRING~ My wonderful husband.  I can’t believe his grad from Depot was one year ago this month. It has been inspiring to see the love he has for his job.

WANTING~ To buy new furniture for our living room.

LISTENING~ To Thomas Rhett’s “Die A Happy Man” on repeat.

STRUGGLING~ With falling asleep at night.

LAUGHING~ At Owen’s counting “twoooooo, nine, twooooo, nine”.

WONDERING~ If I’ll survive this semester.

WATCHING~ Fixer Upper.  We finally got cable again!

DECIDING~ What I should do after I finish my degree.

CRINGING~ At all the trains and tracks that need to be cleaned off my living room floor.

WAITING~ To find a day to cook and bake to fill our new deep freeze!

PLANNING~ Owen’s second birthday! My baby will be two next month 🙁

SAVING~ For new Spring clothes and a new diaper bag.

NEEDING~ To plan a vacation very soon.

PRAYING~ For direction in my life as I come to the end of my degree.

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