Weekend wrap up and random chit chat

Im behind on posts so I thought I’d add in what I had planned for the week, but didn’t get around to, in with this weekend wrap up. Hmmm… where to start?

Thursday I had my first training session. I survived!!! We did measurements and exercises to see where I am and what I can improve on. Even though I was shaking through most of it, it felt so good to be working towards something I want instead of just talking about it. Thursday was also my registration day with SFU. I have decided not to sign up for classes next semester. I don’t want to have another semester like the one I’m having now. I hate the feeling of not giving my full attention to my work so until my husband is home and able to help with Owen on a regular basis I will be taking a break from school.

Friday Owen spent some time with my sister who just got back from Europe after three months of traveling. During their visit I did some grocery shopping and cleaned up the house. That night I drove out the airport to pick up my husband! We have been talking about him coming home for a visit but kept it a secret so we could surprise the family.

Saturday we were able to surprise all his siblings and their families, his parents, some of my family and his old work friends. It was fun to watch their reactions but all the visiting led to our one day together flying by. Owen and daddy had so much fun together and daddy was amazed at how much Owen had changed in the last six weeks.

Sunday we went to church for a little bit and surprised our friends there and left from church to drop him off at the airport. After that I went to Menchies to eat my feelings. I hate saying goodbye to him but my cookies and cream ice cream with strawberries, macaroons and peanut butter sauce made it almost all better. I let Owen try some and I think it’s safe to say that we have another ice cream lover in the family.

During his visit my husband also told me that his troop maybe be sent away for another two months of training in Ottawa immediately following his graduation. If his troop gets sent we will have to decide what our living arrangements will be. Our options include Owen and I staying here without him for an additional eight weeks, Owen and I living with him out of a hotel for eight weeks or just going out for visits. This was about the last thing I wanted to hear. Being apart until almost March was bad enough and if he has to go do the extra training we will be looking at finally being done around May. I have really been looking forward to having my family together for Owen’s first birthday in March and now we may not get that. This extra training would be great in the long run and would be a good excuse to visit a new place but right now it just feels like another thing keeping us apart. We don’t know when he will get the news about if his troop is going or not but I’ll let you know when we know.

I hope you all had a great weekend. I wont be updating the blog as often as I’d like to for the next couple weeks as I’ll be busy working on my final paper for class. Sorry if this post seems a little rushed, I can barely keep eyes open. Good luck to all the students out there working on final projects. Christmas break is coming, hang in there!

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